Dr. A. De Clerck

Dr Anna De Clerck completed a Masters' degree in Medicine at the Medical University of Moscow, where she further specialised in the field of ophthalmology and got rewarded also with a masters' degree in 2008. After several years of work experience in Moscow, life brought her to Belgium where she also earned a Masters' degree in Medicine at the University of Ghent in 2016.

Within the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr Anna De Clerck focuses on hair restoration medicine where she regularly participates in selected international medical congresses and workshops to be on top of the latest innovations in hair restoration surgery. Among other courses, she successfully completed the on-site Hair Restoration Training Course in Milan, Italy, with the renowned Prof. Dr. Gambino.

Dr Anna De Clerck is a member of the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration. With the highest medical standards and attention for a natural artistic design, Dr Anna De Clerck aims for the best FUE hair transplantation results tailored to each individual patient.