Whether due to genetics or other reasons, an excess of male breast tissue or fat in the male chest can be an embarrassing condition. Our top surgeons in the Wellness Kliniek perform a custom chest reduction procedure to create a more masculine, sculpted upper chest region.

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Gynecomastia Details

  • Surgery: 90 minutes
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 2 cm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 1 week
  • Special chest bandage

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Suitable candidates for male breast reduction

Gynecomastia can occur spontaneously during puberty and can also disappear all by itself. Often though, the problem is permanent. Gynecomastia is becoming increasingly common in men over the age of 35. This type of breast formation does not disappear spontaneously. Cosmetic surgery offers a solution. During the consultation, the surgeon examines whether you are a suitable candidate for liposculpture or breast reduction and which technique is the best suited for you. You will also be informed of the possible risks, specific aftercare and the expected result.

The procedure

The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you arrive at the Wellness Kliniek for your treatment in the morning, which is performed under intravenous sedation. Excess breast tissue is removed endoscopically, sometimes in combination with liposculpture to suck out localised fat deposits. Via a small incision in the areola, about 2 cms, the surgeon inserts the surgical instruments. The operation, to detach and remove the breast tissue is performed under the skin. In this way, the scar is very small so that it is barely visible a few months later.

What to expect?

When planning this procedure you need to take into account that the first days following the operation you will need to rest. Normally you can resume work a week after though we advise you to wait 3 weeks before performing any heavy-duty activities and sport.

Most men don't experience a great deal of pain after the operation, sometimes a light pain killer e.g. paracetamol can help to ease any discomfort. Normally everything goes well and six weeks later there is barely any evidence of the procedure.

After the operation, the surgeon will give you specific, personal aftercare instructions. Each operation can vary from one person to another. At your check-up, any remaining stitches will be removed. The incisions are so small that this is easily done and if you prefer you can ask your GP to do it.

Step by Step

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Our team of aesthetic surgeons are amongst the most experienced and qualified in their field. They will make sure that you are well-informed, offered honest advice, assured, comfortable and safe during every stage of your procedure. 

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Located in the heart of Genk, Wellness Kliniek is a state of the art aesthetic clinic with private operating facilities specialising in aesthetic treatments and surgery.  The Wellness Kliniek operates to the highest standards with highly qualified doctors, surgeons and dentists and skilled nursing staff. 

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At the Wellness Kliniek you can book all your appointments, consultations, treatments and operations online. This means you can choose the date that suits you best. The steps are easy to follow and the Intelligent Wizard ensures you are assigned the doctor-specialist with the most expertise related to your treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any scarring after surgery?
Luckily, with most gynecomastia surgeries, there is minimal scarring just around the areola— that way no one ever has to know that you had the surgery in the first place. Gynecomastia surgery is a safe, easy, and effective way to help men get rid of excess breast tissue.

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