If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery or esthetic dentistry, you will, of course, want to obtain as much information as possible beforehand, including the costs and payment options.

The Wellness Kliniek's prices are always competitive, with no hidden costs for paying in instalments.

If you, however, do wish to apply for a loan, then we advise you to approach your bank. In our experience banks offer the best rates for short term loans for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Make sure you contact us for all your questions regarding costs and payments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit to book an operation?
Yes. Your procedure can only be scheduled after we have received your booking deposit. The booking fee is deducted from the total amount of the procedure.
Can I pay for my operation in cash?
Yes. You can book immediately by paying cash after the consultation. Please note! As a result of Belgian law, when you book, we can only accept 10% of the total amount of the procedure in cash, if the total cost of the procedure is greater than EUR 2,999 including VAT.
Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes. We can propose a date for your operation after the consultation or by telephone. Please note! Bear in mind that payments made by bank transfer can sometimes take several days to register and that your desired date for your procedure may no longer be available in the meantime. Our schedule fills up quickly. We can only schedule a booking after we have received the payment.
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes. As soon as your deposit has been paid you can pay the rest in instalments. The operation can only be performed after the full amount has been paid.

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