Innovative MIBIS breast enlargement method

Innovative breast enlargement method ensures much smaller scar

The Wellness Kliniek is proud to introduce the innovative MIBIS breast enlargement method. Our surgical team developed and perfected this technique, where thanks to keyhole surgery, you will see hardly any evidence of the treatment afterwards.

blog 20/01/2020 by Wellness Kliniek

Our innovative breast enlargement method represents the greatest advance in breast enlargement procedures in the 21st century! The new MIBIS method  (Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery method), allows the length of the incision to be minimised. In this method the scar is left in the breast fold. Because a special surgical instrument is used, the incision is smaller than 3 cm.

This innovative method offers many advantages:

  • A more attractive aesthetic result due to the small scar
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • A shorter operation: 30 to 45 minutes   
  • Faster recovery: 5 to 10 days
  • Treatment performed under intravenous sedation
  • Dissolvable stitches.

More than 25,000 breast implants have already been inserted at the Wellness Kliniek using this new technology.

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