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The 4 advantages of Botox

Botox is mainly known as a quick and efficient way to fade facial wrinkles. A Botox injection blocks the transfer of stimuli, reducing the strength of the muscles. This relaxes your facial expressions and fades wrinkles.

blog 26/02/2021 by Barbra

Botox is a brand name, and there are more. The active substance is botulinum toxin and, apart from treating wrinkles, it has various other (medical) advantages.

Botox against migraine

A migraine attack is painful and usually inconvenient. Muscle relaxants also have medical benefits and can reduce migraines or tension headaches. Sometimes, the headache is caused by tensing of the muscles in the head. This strong tension can give you a migraine. Botox relaxes these muscles so your headache can disappear and the brain does not receive any pain signals.

Botox against excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be a nuisance in daily life and can have a negative effect on your self-confidence. If you suffer from excessive sweating under your arms, hands and feet, Botox can be a solution. The Botox injection ensures that the 'sweat signal' is stopped. The action of the muscles is greatly reduced, so that sweat is no longer produced.

Botox against teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can cause a lot of damage. From wear and tear of the teeth and tooth enamel to jaw problems. Headaches, earaches, migraines and facial pain can also be a long-term consequence. Often, teeth grinding occurs at night and subconsciously. Botox treatment ensures that the muscle tension in your chewing muscles is reduced. Botox is then injected into your chewing muscles.

Botox for a gummy smile

Do you cover your mouth when you laugh because there's too much gum visible? A gummy smile or gum smile can make you very insecure. It means the muscles that pull your upper lip up are working too hard. Fortunately, we can easily solve this with a few Botox injections.

Treatments with botulinum toxin often produce good results and can provide a great deal of relief. Would you like a Botox treatment or more information on the various (medical) benefits? A consultation with one of our doctors costs a maximum of € 50. When you book online, you only pay € 25 for your consultation. Make your appointment here.